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Workers’ Comp Care at a Predictable Cost.

Our direct access membership plan streamlines the workers’ comp process by controlling costs and reducing claims.

The national average cost of claim is $41K and NCCI data shows that 85% of workplace injuries are caused by overexertion, contact with equipment, or slips and falls. If treated quickly and appropriately, a large portion of these injuries can be treated and not require a claim.

How Members Access Care

A virtual provider can be contacted 24/7 from anywhere (including the site of the incident). This includes providing medication therapy, as necessary, via digital prescribing.

Our virtual care is coupled with a 7-day-a-week facility equipped with much of the same doctors and equipment as an emergency room. These capabilities allow us to go beyond what an urgent care center can provide and have been shown to cost approximately 1/3 of a hospital-based or free-standing emergency room.

Both our virtual and in-person providers provide robust follow up care coordination, including scheduling follow up appointments.

By coupling virtual diagnosis with our emergency medicine speciality facility, you can reduce your cost for examination and treatment, including downstream hospital-based expenses.

Improving The Quality of Workplace Incident Management

By providing 24/7 access to board certified emergency doctors, you shift the burden of clinical decisions from your safety manager/officer to a qualified provider. The virtual consult becomes the first step in your quality workplace incident management.

By working with board certified emergency doctors, equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment, you can reduce the number of visits to examine the injury and begin treatment.

Our robust follow up care coordination often includes same- or next-day appointments with specialists, helping drive return to work, which is usually financially beneficial to both employer and employee.

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    The Crucialist membership is not workers’ compensation insurance, which you may still require, but it can help you treat your employees more efficiently than a traditional workers compensation program alone.