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We understand the delicate nature of workers compensation. Caring for the injured employee is the top priority, but making sure the claim is handled right is also vital.

Workers comp claims processed correctly help ensure the business can properly process the claim through its workman’s comp carrier. That’s why we make sure our staff is properly trained to handle workers comp claims. Because protecting the business is part of protecting the livelihood of every employee.

Workers Comp Claims Easy Are As 1, 2, 3

1. Inform your carrier you are sending your employee to Crucial Care.

You can visit our clinic location page to get all the contact information for our facility including our fax number.

2. Send your employee to Crucial Care.

We are open Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM and Sat-Sun 9AM-4PM. No appointments are necessary, but online appointments can be made at each clinic.

3. Send or Fax Employee Verification*.

Click below to download a PDF. It can be filled out electronically before printing or by hand. You can fax the form to us at (904) 854-7912 or send a copy with your employee.

Treated At Crucial Care

Our advanced urgent care clinics use much of the same doctors and equipment as an emergency room including CT scan, x-ray, ultrasound, and laboratory services. We make it easy for your employee to get treated for major or minor injuries.

Minor IssuesMajor IssuesMore Major Issues
Burns (Mild)Abdominal PainJoint Dislocations
ColdsAcute Atrial FibrillationKidney Infection
CutsAppendicitis WorkupKidney Stones
Ear InfectionsAsthmaLoss of Consciousness
Eye InfectionsBowel ObstructionsLow Blood Pressure
HeadachesChest PainMigraines
Mild FluClosed Head InjuriesMotor Vehicle Injuries
Pulled MusclesCongestive Heart Failure ExacerbationNeck Injuries
Respiratory IllnessContusionsPneumonia
Sore ThroatsCorneal Abrasions of the EyeSerious Allergic Reactions
SprainsDebilitating Back PainSerious Skin Infections
DehydrationSevere Diarrhea
Dog and Animal BitesShortness of Breath
Facial InjuriesStroke
Fever (Any Age, Including Babies)Swelling
FracturesTesticular Infection
GallstonesThreatened Miscarriage
Head InjuriesVaginal Bleeding
High Blood PressureVertigo and Dizziness
Infected WoundsVomiting
Internal Injuries