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The SportGait Brain Physical allows us to monitor the development and recovery of a patient after a brain injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this similar to an MRI or CT scan? Is it safe for children or the elderly?

The SportGait Brain PhysicalTM does not use x-rays or magnetic imaging and is completely safe. Anyone ages 4 and up can get one.

What are my results going to show?

We examine how your brain is functioning, not how it physically looks. Your results will show your cognitive, static and dynamic postural stability, as compared to the national average for your age and gender.

How long is it going to take?

The exam takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

How often do I need a baseline done?

Due to natural changes in your neurological functioning as you age, we recommend you have a Brain Physical Baseline once a year to keep it up to date.

Who is SportGait?

SportGait is a company that researches the relationship between the physical and mental performance of individuals. Through this research SportGait is delivering to the medical community the means to evaluate neuropsychological and neurobehavioral ability using proven medicine and proprietary sensor technology.

Who should get a Brain Physical?

Anyone can benefit from a Brain Physical.

If I get a Brain Physical done annually, can I use that as my baseline in the event of an injury?


If I get a concussion before taking my baseline, can a SportGait Brain Physical still help?

Yes! SportGait uses an array of validated tests that have normative data; if you do not have a baseline test on record, a medical practitioner can look to see if your test results stray from the national averages established for your age. However, we do highly suggest baseline testing so physicians have a record of what normal looks like for you specifically.

Why get a Brain Physical Baseline if it’s not necessary for a post-injury exam?

Since a baseline is more specific to the individual, it can identify seemingly minor but serious changes in an individual’s brain function. Each of the tests administered during a baseline assessment will be administered again if you suspect a brain injury. The baseline results give medical practitioners a record of objective data to compare new results to, supporting diagnoses and treatment decisions.

How much does it cost? Will my insurance cover it?

The app is free. A baseline or annual exam is an out of pocket expense, though in cases of a suspected concussion, the tests and recovery plan should be covered by most insurance companies – the only thing you pay is the co-pay!

Do I have to go to the same urgent care location every time?

No. When you download the SportGait app, you are given a unique ID number that syncs your records between all participating providers. Use the app’s built-in locator to find participating clinics near you.