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Your child’s brain health is important to us. We can now monitor development and recovery after a brain injury by using the SportGait Brain Physical.

The SportGait Brain Physical

There are two types of SportGait Brain Physical: Baseline and Incident. Your provider will take an assessment on the overall health of your brain based on how your brain interacts with the rest of your body (balance/gait) and how it interacts with its environment (attentiveness, reaction time). This will tell the provider if you are currently experiencing symptoms which may have been caused by a head injury or indicate a neurological disorder.

For children and athletes, it is especially important to test brain health every year and visit the doctor if a concussion is suspected.

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What’s the Difference: Baseline vs Exam 

Baseline Exams

A Brain Physical Baseline gives our physicians information they can refer back to in the event of a suspected brain injury or disorder. With a Baseline, we can better tailor an individual’s treatment to their needs. 

It is recommended that you have a Brain Physical Baseline done annually. A steady trend toward abnormal results could indicate early signs of a neurological disorder or an injury affecting your brain function.

This exam may not be covered by insurance. 

Injury Evaluation

Even without a baseline, we can detect signs of a concussion. In addition we can monitor recovery and return to activity, reducing the risk of long-term effects (e.g. depression or anxiety) and Second Impact Syndrome (SIS). This exam is covered by most insurance providers.