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Find out why so many employers trust us to care for them.

When your employee is sick or injured, on or off the job, it’s important for everyone that your people get the right care without delay. It’s one of the reasons why Crucial Care has been reshaping emergency care since 2007. We know that being sick is scary, especially when it impacts our ability to work.

Our advanced urgent care clinics use much of the same doctors and equipment as an emergency room including CT scan, x-ray, ultrasound, and laboratory services. We make it easy for your employee to get treated for major or minor illness and injuries.

Crucialist Access Membership

Improve access to care while reducing costs for you and your employees. The Crucialist Access Membership gives you freedom and flexibility when it comes to helping your people get high quality, affordable care.

Workers Compensation As Easy As 1, 2, 3

When you send your employees to Crucial Care for a workers comp injury you’re giving them access to high-quality care, including top-notch follow-up care. We guide your people along the path to getting better. Our doctors have also been trained in the proper handling of workers compensation claims. We understand the forms and how to do things right.