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Your employees are your greatest investment. When they get sick or injured on the job, getting them back to full health and function is your number one priority. The Crucial Care plan allows you to improve their access to care, whether they are on high-deductible plans or don’t have insurance.

Pricing Model

  • $50/month | Per Individual
  • $150/month | Per Family (up to 10 dependents)
  • $100 | Enrollment (one-time only)
  • $35/visit | Copay (like any doctor’s office)
  • $50/each | Special Procedures (e.g CT Scan, Ultrasound, Spinal Tap)

Discounts are available for employers in North Florida. Plans can be sponsored by employers or billed directly to employees.

Treated at Crucial Care

Minor IssuesMajor IssuesMore Major Issues
Burns (Mild)Abdominal PainJoint Dislocations
ColdsAcute Atrial FibrillationKidney Infection
CutsAppendicitis WorkupKidney Stones
Ear InfectionsAsthmaLoss of Consciousness
Eye InfectionsBowel ObstructionsLow Blood Pressure
HeadachesChest PainMigraines
Mild FluClosed Head InjuriesMotor Vehicle Injuries
Pulled MusclesCongestive Heart Failure ExacerbationNeck Injuries
Respiratory IllnessContusionsPneumonia
Sore ThroatsCorneal Abrasions of the EyeSerious Allergic Reactions
SprainsDebilitating Back PainSerious Skin Infections
DehydrationSevere Diarrhea
Dog and Animal BitesShortness of Breath
Facial InjuriesStroke
Fever (Any Age, Including Babies)Swelling
FracturesTesticular Infection
GallstonesThreatened Miscarriage
Head InjuriesVaginal Bleeding
High Blood PressureVertigo and Dizziness
Infected WoundsVomiting
Internal Injuries