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The Crucial Care Employer Plan was designed to help employers combat the rising price of healthcare. Our plan lets you balance your high-deductible plans and provide care options for those who don’t qualify for insurance. We provide a positive patient experience and easy access to much of the same doctors and equipment as a hospital ER. All of this at a low cost to you and your staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Crucial Care Plan work?

Members get access to all Crucial Care services for a low monthly rate and low copays. The plan can be billed directly to the employer or the employee.  You choose what’s best for your company.

Discounts are available for employers in North Florida.

Do members need to have insurance?

No. Members do not need to have insurance to join the Crucial Care Plan and the Crucial Care Plan is NOT insurance. The Crucial Care plan is a medical access plan that allows you to access Crucial Care for a monthly price. However, it is always a good idea to have at least a “Catastrophic Care” insurance policy that protects against major medical costs you may incur in the event of a major illness or injury.

What if I have a high-deductible insurance plan?

The Crucial Care Plan may be a perfect fit for your people. In a high-deductible plan, they may be spending the first $6,000-$10,000 of the healthcare costs out of pocket. If they use the Crucial Care plan appropriately, they may see significant savings by accessing Crucial Care’s services for a low monthly payment and low copays amount.

Will you bill their insurance?

We are not able to bill insurance carriers for services provided under the Crucial Care Plan. Some insurance carriers may allow members to submit receipts to apply the cost to deductibles.

What can be treated at Crucial Care?

We treat major (like an ER) and minor (like your primary care physician) illnesses. See our services and pricing page for more details. 

How are you different from a typical Urgent Care Center or Emergency Room?

Crucial Care is a combination of Urgent care and Emergency services. We have more capabilities than an urgent care center including Board Certified Emergency Providers, CT Scan, X-Rays, and a Hospital Level Laboratory.

Like an ER, we can evaluate symptoms, obtain lab results, and do a CT Scan in the facility. We get results immediately.

A hospital Emergency Room is very capable, but the wait usually long, and the cost is usually high. The Crucial Care Plan gives access to all our capabilities without the high cost or long wait.

How much is the Crucial Care Plan?

Visit our services and pricing page to find out more. Almost all our services provided are included with the monthly membership. There is a small additional fee per visit, as well as an additional charge for CT scans, spinal taps, and ultrasounds.

What if they need a referral to a Specialist?

We are experts in coordinating care. If a referral to a specialist is needed, we will help patients get to the right specialist. In most cases, we will make the appointment for the patient. 

Can they manage prescriptions with the Crucial Care Plan?

The providers at Crucial Care will provide prescriptions using their professional discretion, and only related to the need at the time of the visit. They will not provide long-term controlled prescriptions or prescriptions for chronic pain. Crucial Care providers have the responsibility to only prescribe appropriate prescriptions for the specific need. 

How is this possible?

In early 2018, the Florida State Legislature approved HB 37, allowing healthcare providers to enter into direct payment agreements with patients.