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Board-Certified Emergency Doctors When You Need Them.

Crucialist® Access Membership gives your employees access to high-quality care for most unexpected illnesses and injuries. Members access Crucialists in two convenient ways at no extra cost: 

  1. 24/7 virtual care from home or anywhere through our virtual practice 
  2. 7 day-a-week hands-on care at our Crucial Care facility 

Why Emergency Doctors?

Our doctors are trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical conditions for patients of all ages, including children. 

Unlike conventional “teledoc” services, our Advanced Telehealth seamlessly integrates with our Crucial Care facility and Pathfinder® (our robust care orchestration platform). From the members first contact, through diagnosis, and follow up, our Crucialist Team caringly guides them through the resolution of their medical issue. 

Unlike an Urgent Care, our Crucial Care Facility is Joint Commission Accredited and equipped with the following equipment and the staff to render results on site: 

  • CT Scan 
  • X-Ray 
  • Ultrasound 
  • EKG 
  • CLIA/COLA Certified On-site Labs 

Unlike traditional “follow up,” our Pathfinder Care Orchestration Platform takes extra steps to guide patients, including scheduling specialist follow ups (when needed, often same- or next-day). 

This membership access does not qualify as health insurance.

Crucial Care Facility Services:

Minor IssuesMajor IssuesMore Major Issues
Burns (Mild)Abdominal PainJoint Dislocations
ColdsAcute Atrial FibrillationKidney Infection
CutsAppendicitis WorkupKidney Stones
Ear InfectionsAsthmaLoss of Consciousness
Eye InfectionsBowel ObstructionsLow Blood Pressure
HeadachesChest PainMigraines
Mild FluClosed Head InjuriesMotor Vehicle Injuries
Pulled MusclesCongestive Heart Failure ExacerbationNeck Injuries
Respiratory IllnessContusionsPneumonia
Sore ThroatsCorneal Abrasions of the EyeSerious Allergic Reactions
SprainsDebilitating Back PainSerious Skin Infections
DehydrationSevere Diarrhea
Dog and Animal BitesShortness of Breath
Facial InjuriesStroke
Fever (Any Age, Including Babies)Swelling
FracturesTesticular Infection
GallstonesThreatened Miscarriage
Head InjuriesVaginal Bleeding
High Blood PressureVertigo and Dizziness
Infected WoundsVomiting
Internal Injuries