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Get Affordable Access To Care

The Crucial Care Membership Plan helps individuals and families with high-deductible insurance plans or no insurance get easy access to care for major and minor illness and injury.

Members get easy access to board-certified emergency medicine doctors, including advanced diagnostics like CT-scan, x-ray, and labs. No surprise bills, no lengthy waiting times, no disqualifications.  Get the care you need at a price you can afford. Enroll now and save $50!

How it Works

  • Pay a flat, low monthly fee 
  • Get access to Crucial Care Clinic 7 days a week and pay a per visit fee just like a co-payment
  • No appointment necessary
  • Some services like CT scan may require additional payment

What’s in it for me?

  • Free annual physical
  • No pre-existing conditions disqualifications 
  • No eligibility requirements
  • Access to board certified doctors
  • Open evenings and weekends
  • A full suite of care services including CT scan, x-Ray, and lab work all in one place
  • No surprise billing
  • No appointments needed
  • No lengthy paperwork 

Treated at Crucial Care

Minor IssuesMajor IssuesMore Major Issues
Burns (Mild)Abdominal PainJoint Dislocations
ColdsAcute Atrial FibrillationKidney Infection
CutsAppendicitis WorkupKidney Stones
Ear InfectionsAsthmaLoss of Consciousness
Eye InfectionsBowel ObstructionsLow Blood Pressure
HeadachesChest PainMigraines
Mild FluClosed Head InjuriesMotor Vehicle Injuries
Pulled MusclesCongestive Heart Failure ExacerbationNeck Injuries
Respiratory IllnessContusionsPneumonia
Sore ThroatsCorneal Abrasions of the EyeSerious Allergic Reactions
SprainsDebilitating Back PainSerious Skin Infections
DehydrationSevere Diarrhea
Dog and Animal BitesShortness of Breath
Facial InjuriesStroke
Fever (Any Age, Including Babies)Swelling
FracturesTesticular Infection
GallstonesThreatened Miscarriage
Head InjuriesVaginal Bleeding
High Blood PressureVertigo and Dizziness
Infected WoundsVomiting
Internal Injuries