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We prioritize quality care and the people who deliver it like never before.

We’re looking for people who care enough to make a difference.

"Thank you for considering Crucial Care as part of your career and life. Crucial Care is doing important work caring for our patients. Being sick is scary, and that’s why our core purpose is to provide our patients and their families with peace of mind. We take that responsibility seriously by combining the best care with an amazing patient experience, and we cannot do that without people like you on our team.

Life is precious, and that’s why at Crucial Care so many of our staff are energized and fulfilled. If you would like to learn more, just reach out to us, as we are honored for your consideration."

- Mike Shumer, CEO and Founder

What is Crucial Care?

Crucial Care is a unique concept that is changing the way emergency care is delivered to patients. We believe that if we provide the right care in the right place at the right time, it will be at the right price.

Like an emergency room, Crucial Care is staffed by board-certified emergency medicine physicians. We treat for a wide range of cases from the common cold to high-acuity conditions. We provide our staff on-site access to ultrasound, CT scan, IV fluids, digital x-ray and diagnostic labs, comprehensive diagnostics, blood work, and imaging all under one roof.

Crucial Care also delivers attentive, one-on-one guidance throughout the entire healthcare process—from stabilization and initial diagnosis—to prescriptions and insurance claims.

Our Five Values

Quality Care

We are committed to providing high quality care to every patient during their visit and after.

Our People

We know If our team feels supported and safe, then we can all adhere to all our protocols and values.

Our Patients

We are committed to creating a highly favorable experience for the patient and their family.

Fiscal Responsibility

We are dedicated to this so we can continue forever as a business that pays salaries and saves lives.


We are dedicated to grow personally and support the continuous improvement of our business.

Where We Serve



Tampa (Coming Soon)

Crucial Care operates in three Florida markets: Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa. Our original location and headquarters is located in Jacksonville. In 2014, GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation (GuideWell) contracted with us to begin opening locations in Orlando under the brand GuideWell Emergency Doctors. The goal was to provide the same high quality emergency medicine experience we had created.

Today, GuideWell emergency doctors continues to provide emergency medicine at one-third the cost of a hospital ER with much shorter wait times. Our mission has been so successful, that we're opening additional GuideWell Emergency Doctors locations in the Tampa Bay area.

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