Seamless Patient Care Coordination

Crucial Care facilities make the right referral within a primary care provider’s designated network. Work with us to help coordinate your patient’s care, avoid ER overutilization, and lower hospital admissions to prepare for Value Based Payments.

Give your patients a resource beyond urgent care

Crucial Care clinics are free-standing outpatient facilities, providing easy access to Board Certified Emergency Medicine Doctors. Utilizing our proprietary Real Time Care Coordination Engine Pathfinder, we make the right referral to the right provider at the right time.

We follow up with our process by providing transparent reporting to the Primary Care Provider. As we provide and manage care we share daily reports with the Primary Care Provider. In addition to the daily reports, we share monthly reports to review network compliance. At any time the Primary Care Provider can modify their preferred network - In real time.

A Crucial Care facility makes the Right Referral within a Primary Care Provider’s designated Network
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